I am an artist working in both public and private spaces.

My work focuses on place & identity, particularly local identity, the site specific & how this is preserved, exposed & expressed.

I am fascinated by the natural world, geology, botany, species diversity and astronomy: a continual enlightenment.

I am equally inspired by our human achievement in making things: language, music, architecture and how we build communities and the way we navigate & use our man-made space.

My projects may be delivered as stand alone artworks or installations, but more likely, it is embedded for the longer term. Detailed contextual research, which influences the design process underpins everything I do. Contextual research is process of dissection. Revealing layers of social history, community & the very fabric of place. It also means engaging and collaborating with others, individuals, teams, organisations, specialists & all interested parties.

I live by the coast in Ramsgate, Kent. Edges are a source of inspiration, a particular threshold between one state and another, from natural to man-made. In the public realm this is often about physical boundaries; a change in geography, material, texture or use – but it is also about perception, recall & identity.