I am an artist working in both public and private spaces. My projects focus on place & identity. Creative site analysis and contextual research underpin the design process.

I am fascinated by the natural world. I am equally inspired by our built environment, how communities grow and the way we navigate & use our man-made spaces.

Contextual research can be a methodical and forensic process driven by an eclectic and individual desire to find a voice within a given place . It also means engaging and collaborating with others, individuals, teams, organisations, specialists & all interested parties.

I live by the coast in Ramsgate, Kent. Edges are a source of inspiration, a particular threshold between one state and another, from natural to man-made – from solid to liquid. In the public realm this is often about shifts in our physical boundaries; a change in geography, material, texture or use – but it is also about perception, memory & identity.

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