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  1. Dear Christopher, I am the history and property editor for The Margate Mercury magazine. We are keen to do a feature celebrating the achievement of the Margate Steps, a space which has transformed the Old Town’s access to the beach, and manages to be both a flood defence and wonderful social space, as well as a subtle and beautiful sculptural work.
    I believe you were the project artist on the work, and wonder whether I could speak to you for this feature. I do hope you can help. I lived in Margate before the steps were built and I so appreciate the improvements they have brought, but I also feel it is a rather unsung project in the town, and I’d love to ask more about what part you played.
    Thanks and best wishes

  2. Hi this is Mitchel from Langham hall,

    I am messaging on behalf on Eastern Quarry Ltd to independently verify your bank details for invoice 784_22 for £1,500.00.

    Please can you send me your bank details on a company letterheaded document and your phone number so we can verify also via phone call. This is standard procedure for new supplier payments.

    Best regards,
    Mitchel Lowe

    1. Mitchel – this message was in my spam & I have only just seen it. My website is under repair too. I am really concerned I have now missed my payment date for the invoice and I am self employed. Can the invoice be paid asap? Can you supply an email contact and / or contact number so I can reach you and send the document you ask for? – My email is – Mobile: 07970 577812 –

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