Day 11 – Sunday, 10th August 2014 – retro post 2 – Pool Day, Greenhill’s, Ohio

West Chester, Ohio

10th August 2014

New York Times, Sunday
New York Times, Sunday 10th August 2014

First full day in Ohio. Staying at Shelly’s parents house. Family friends, the Ascolese’s invite us over for the day to use the pool !

The Ascolese home swimming pool. Greenhills, Ohio
The Ascolese home swimming pool, Greenhill’s, Ohio
2014-08-10 19.32.34
Ascolese family home in Greenhills, Ohio
2014-08-10 19.44.31-1
Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati
2014-08-10 19.44.59-2
Dayton, Cincinnati


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