Day 20 – Tuesday, 19th August 2014 – Independence Street, Canton, MA

Canton, MA Tuesday, 19th August 2014   So, our holiday here is almost at an end. This is the last full day we will spend in the US. Day 20 of ‘20 posts for 20 days’. No plans as yet for today, just letting it roll out before us.   Over the last 6 years we have made 3 trips over the water:

2010 – Road Trip – New York / Boston / Toronto / Niagara Falls

2012 – Florida – Orlando / Miami / St Petersburg

2014 – Boston, Massachusetts to Cincinnati, Ohio

Although we have been to the US many times before, as Shelly’s family all live here, these three trips have been particularly special.

If we could spend time here every year we certainly would.

  Blue Jays and Grey Squirrels are fighting over territory in the garden – so noisy! Four dead squirrels have been found over the last few months – have the Blue Jays done this?

Houghton's Pond, Blue Hills Reservation, MA
Houghton’s Pond, Blue Hills Reservation, MA

Houghton’s Pond is a spring-fed kettle hole pond formed by receding glaciers around 10,000 years ago. The Massachusek Indians fished the pond and hunted in the surrounding forests. Absolutely boiling there today. Had a swim and an amazing turkey, bacon & lettuce hot sandwich ! 2014-08-19 15.13.03 v1 Houghton's Pond 2 Houghton's Pond 1 2014-08-19 14.21.40 2014-08-19 15.13.08   2014-08-19 15.17.35   2014-08-19 15.23.30   2014-08-19 13.19.14

Houghton's Pond 3

Houghton's Pond Visitor Centre with curvy shingle roof.
Houghton’s Pond Visitor Centre with curvy shingle roof.
Wild Turkeys on the way home
Wild Turkeys on the way home

2014-08-19 17.33.27 2014-08-19 17.33.36

A quick trip to Target to buy some gifts to take home…& then back to the house for drinks before heading off to Ninety Nine Restaurant for dinner. The final dinner in the US on this trip !

Ninety Nine restaurant

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