Day Treatment Unit, Cancer Centre, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

Tuesday 16th September 2014, Oxford Churchill Hospital, DTU, Cancer Centre I came up to Oxford today to review the installation of the wall-covering artwork along with VGL and the Trust Arts Coordinator, Ruth Charity. The DTU is an oncology & haematology day unit delivering chemotherapy & other cancer related treatments. The staff delivering this service are the most dedicated and hardworking group of people. How they have made time to collaborate and input into this project has been truly brilliant and a pertinent and sharp reminder that projects such as this succeed because of a positive buy in & contribution by staff and stakeholders alike. The work is created around a central core ‘island’ of offices and consulting rooms about which day treatment chemotherapy services are delivered. Most of the chairs and beds face onto this central island, meaning that most patients spend hours at a time over many weeks or even years staring at dull, blank walls, during treatment, rather than out of the windows behind them, which incidentally are too high to see through. A concept approach was developed to change this dull & monotonous view into a contemplative and softly illuminated abstract vista, interrupted by the suggested shadows of overhanging branches and foliage with dappled light breaking through.

2014-09-16 14.56.26
Corridor linking Chemotherapy Waiting Room to Oncology day treatment room
2014-09-16 14.39.03
Haematology treatment space
2014-09-16 14.42.10
Nurse Station


2014-09-16 15.17.09
Detail: Digitally printed vinyl wall covering
2014-09-16 14.41.00
Detail: Digitally printed vinyl wall covering


2014-09-16 14.45.20
Nurse Station

2014-09-16 15.15.21 2014-09-16 15.15.54

2014-09-16 14.45.40
Patient and visitor drinks station
2014-09-16 15.10.19
Corridor linking Oncology day treatment space with the Chemotherapy waiting room
2014-09-16 15.19.52
Haematology treatment space nurse station
2014-09-16 14.46.09
Detail: Patient & visitor drinks station
2014-09-16 15.19.22
Haematology treatment space nurse station
2014-09-16 15.04.57
2014-09-16 15.18.27
2014-09-16 15.18.10
2014-09-16 15.17.59
Detail with penguins
2014-09-16 15.16.36
2014-09-16 15.13.58
Oncology treatment space main nurse station
2014-09-16 15.17.29
Hand wash station
2014-09-16 14.48.06
Oncology nurse station – Detail of wall covering
2014-09-16 14.37.06
Haematology treatment space – Detail of wall covering

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